Tax Time Calgary

For Most People, Tax Time Is Stress Time

Want to reduce that stress level? Let Sveinson Financial guide you through the tax maze at tax time in Calgary.

For small businesses, execution on administrative matters is key to laying the foundations for success. Tax time can be stress time. Corporate tax, withholdings, instalments, record keeping, GST, WCB, inventory…. it all add up and entrepreneurs have a way different skill set.

You want to pay the minimum tax required by law without heading downtown to endure the bureaucracy and elitism of the big four accounting firms. You want an understanding of why you are paying the tax you pay without being rushed out the door. You want the comfort that your file will enjoy continuity from year to year. You want confidence that an audit trail of your company’s affairs is bullet proof.

Sveinson Financial can help ease that burden.


Tax legislation constantly changes. Every Federal and Provincial budget contains changes that can impact your business. Regulatory changes and court decisions can also alter taxation rules. Can you keep up with the changes? Can you afford not to? Sveinson Financial keeps abreast of the changing tax environment on behalf of our clients. What is the value to you of preventing a tax surprise?


Tax planning starts long before the end of the year. A meeting with Sveinson Financial now can do much to reduce your stress around tax time. Tax Planning creates a map through the maze of rules and regulations that brings you out the other side at the lowest cost to you in time and money. Why wait until you are lost? Let Sveinson create a plan now while you have more options available.

Sveinson can also help you with your books and records so that you don’t miss deductions – missed deductions that will cost you money. Thoroughly prepared and complete information saves us time and you money in filing your returns.


New business owners face an extraordinary number of decisions and a bewildering amount of information. Sveinson can help you filter the information and make intelligent, informed choices about your financial future. Armed with our resources, your new venture will set out on the right course. Contact Sveinson Financial Services for answers to such questions as:

  • Should I incorporate?
  • Do I need a GST number?
  • Which GST calculation method should I use?
  • How often must I remit?
  • Should I take money from the business as dividends or salary?
  • Is my staff a contractor or employee?
  • What is the difference between business and taxable income?
  • Can I take advantage of any loss carry backs?
  • How do I get the most benefit from my home office expenses?
  • What expenses are deductible? Which ones are non-deductible?
  • How do I get the best deduction on automobile expenses?
  • Is my business a resident or non-resident?
  • What information is needed to prepare my tax return?
  • How do I keep my financial information organized without taking too much of my time?


Received a call from the Canada Revenue Agency? What Now? Contact Sveinson Financial Services. We can help you through the process of a tax review or audit – and reduce your stress and the taxing consequences.


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