About Sveinson Financial Services

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Blair Sveinson is the inspired catalyst behind Sveinson Financial Services Inc. Blair’s unwavering commitment to helping you fulfill your reporting requirements with the Canada Revenue Agency with seamlessness, precision, and care is his duty to you.

With a keen mind for the economy, politics, business trends, and technology, Blair is never far from a current event, nor is he acquiescent of complacency or the status quo. Blair’s unique skill for adapting to various corporate cultures and undertaking the most unsavory of project management roles have begotten him achievements broad in spectrum, matching his mind’s appeal for diversity. Unlike most accounting professionals, Blair’ original academic undertaking was in the humanities.

Sveinson was founded as a resource for smaller public accounting firms to provide assistance in their tax and accounting departments. Now, it has grown to also offer services directly to corporations and individuals, assisting them with their tax reporting obligations. It was at Douglas College and MacEwan University where Blair learned his profession.

Blair’s completion of the Canadian Securities Course and the Derivatives Fundamentals through the Canadian Securities Institute provides you with the sounding board you need when planning your investment objectives. The brokerage industry is fraught with examples of unsavory recommendations due to biased interests of investment professionals. Be certain to manage your money well.

Blair produces the occasional editorial comment whenever the urge arises. While most accountants are encouraged not to celebrate their opinion, Blair has always valued the rights for freedom of expression and is not encumbered by the fear of reprisals stemming from ego inflated professional bodies. As quoted by Blair’s friend Debbie, “Blair is the every man’s accountant.”


The Alberta Advantage is here to stay but must be harnessed in its entirety for the benefit of all of our citizens. Corporate and personal tax planning, focus-driven business growth, and succession continuity will help you as a business owner provide all that can be derived from riding this advantage forward.


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