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A Calgary tax accountant and specialist to small business. Small business is the driving force of the Canadian economy. If you manage a small business or want to start one, who can you consult for administrative and tax compliance matters? Calgary tax accountant, Blair Sveinson, of Sveinson Financial Services is unique in that he is just like you. He’s a straight talker who talks tax in a disarming way in terms that you undertand. In fact, Blair studied the humanities prior to embarking on the tax accounting discipline. There is no excess overhead assigned to your simple invoice. There is no never ending phone tag regiment encountered with technicians assigned to your file. There is no long lapses of time to get your work done.  A Calgary tax accountant who is centrally located just north of downtown with free and accessible parking may be just the solution for your bookkeeping, accounting and tax work.  Expect expeditious service and two way conversations.  In our new age of mobile technology and instant communication, one would think that customer service should be on the ascent, but too often this is not the case.  At Sveinson Financial, this Calgary tax accountant is sensitive to your needs as a small business and has the tools and expertise to minimize your tax burden in the context of our voluminous tax code.  The Astra Business Centre provides exceptional reception services at the office.

Sveinson Financial Services has been designed with the small business owner as the focal point. Whether you need a bookkeeper, a tax accountant, or management consulting services, Sveinson can help.

If you are an individual with an investment portfolio, this Calgary tax accountant may be the perfect fit.  In addition to his financial reporting expertise, Mr. Sveinson has taken additional course work through the  Canadian Securities Institute.


Blair Sveinson Communicates Tax Effectively

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